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"Hi, I am going to explore the world.
And you are going to watch."
- Image of Archmage Vargoth

Behold the Image of Archmage Vargoth!

For years he has wandered the battle-ravaged lands in search of his lost lover.  His lonely quest unfinished, it is possible to witness an Image of Archmage Vargoth sighting today!  Whenever you feel a chill, hear a sigh, or feel that you are not alone, turn around, the Image of Archmage Vargoth may be right behind you.

Here are but a few of the known photographs of the Image of Archmage Vargoth.

The Adventures of Vargoth

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we have Lord of the Rings right here.

Vargoth, show us the meaning of haste!

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