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vs Predator

About Us
How Business is Done in Azeroth

Today is the greatest day of your life.

Today is the day you can be accepted into vs Predator!

September 17, 2007


Thanks to brand new "tripod" technology, the vs Predator guild site it up and running!  What is vs Predator, what do they do, and how can I become part of the biggest internet sensation since CSPAN began broadcasting on YouTube?


My friend, the answers are quite simple.  Within the World of Warcraft, vs Predator is an alliance guild located in a server known as Thunderlord.  What is World of Warcraft, you ask?  Wikipedia, the source of all knowledge explains the World of Warcraft is a magical realm where imagination and sorcery take the place of common science and everyday life.  It is called Warcraft because, according to lore, thousands of years ago an old blacksmith god fashioned the first sword.  Such a device devoid of purpose in their peaceful world confused the other gods.  Therefore Thor-zar created pirates to wave the swords in the air whilst sailing through the celestial seas.  It wasn’t long before the pirates stole a crate of orcs and brought them home as booty.  The orcs eventually became intelligent, their first word being “warcraft” which means, “Why is my skin green?”


Alliance?  Isn’t that from Star Wars?  False.  The first alliance was formed 1500 years before the events in World of Warcraft even took place.  It was between the gnomes and the demigods of yore.  As the most powerful mortal race, the gnomes sought to preserve their sacred blood from intermingling with the tantalizing dwarf women.  The demigods locked up gnome males whenever the “urge” fell upon them.  Eventually the demigods fell when one mated with a dwarf female and produced Azeroth’s first murloc.


But you are still curious to what a guild is?  A guild is a group of players who have the same words under their names and communicate via green text.


As a guild, we are dedicated to upholding the sanctity of the World of Warcraft.  We do not mess around.  We do not just “play the video game.”  We do not have impromptu /dance sessions.  All you ever need to know is that vs Predator is serious business.


“Golly! That sounds great! How do I join?” Well, my easily excitable young friend, the answer is quite simple.  Just whisper Amishe or anyone else who happens to be online.  Every member of the guild has the power to invite other players into the fold.  Sure we can’t keep the riff-raff out, but you can’t put a price tag on having an army of bank alts. 

We get mad loots.

WoW hard or go home.

vs Predator, opposing Predators since 2007.